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    Fire Creep by Anemoon on Fire in collaboration with No Limits! Art Castle

    * No Limits! Art Castle is the first art space in the Netherlands that promotes an art world without boundaries. The organisation is renowned for curating exhibitions showcasing artists who think beyond traditional conventions. This includes neurodiverse, queer, and activist artists, as well as white cis artists with unique perspectives and original spirits. Driven by the ethos of a borderless art world, Art Castle aims to unite what is often perceived as "outsider art" with the mainstream art world - two worlds that have historically been viewed as separate entities. 

    Stoneware Hanging Teapot Fire Creep.

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    16 x 22 cm

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Part of No Limits! Art Castle, Anemoon Fokkinga has been fascinated from an early age by fantasy creatures like dragons and deep-sea monsters. She loves everything that is a little bit creepy. Anemoon is only 19 years old, because of neurodiversity and chronic pain she used to work in a care atelier, but now she works independently and refuses to be labeled as an “outsider artist”. Now she is busy with the influences of climate change on the ocean, like marine plastic spills and nuclear disasters, and translates these ideas into mysterious new life forms. 

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