Eirocori, a fashion brand established by Corie Ruochen Fan, originated in Shanghai, China. The brand combines contemporary subversive basics with elements of Japanese streetwear from 90s magazines like Fruits. Eirocori focuses on loose-fitting and relaxed silhouettes, incorporating intricately printed fabric, evoking a post-apocalyptic aesthetic.

  1. Eirocori

    rigid fidget top mint

    S M L


  2. Eirocori

    rigid fidget top taro

    S M L


  3. Eirocori

    pottery bodysuit


    M L


  4. Eirocori

    pottery skirt

    S M L


  5. Eirocori

    full bloom skirt

    S M L


  6. Eirocori

    mirroring gaze skirt

    S M L


  7. Eirocori

    broken vowels skirt

    S M L



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