Hotnails666420 is an art installation, nail studio based in Montreal, Quebec seeking to explore themes of technology and the body through the social history of nail art. Hotnails666420 is creating nail sets using locally sourced deadstock objects and electronic components as well as hand painted and encapsulated designs. Most nail sets are 1/1 and will not be restocked.

  1. Hotnails

    burner phone 1 nail set

    XS S M L


  2. Hotnails

    bloodshot eyes nail set

    XS S M L


  3. Hotnails

    pink pcb nail set

    XS S M L


  4. Hotnails

    tobacco stained nail set

    XS S M L


  5. Hotnails

    show up stoned to the function nail set

    XS S M L


  6. Hotnails

    blackberry curve with caviar nail set



  7. Hotnails

    sticker covered sony walkman 2002 nail set with earbud charms


  8. Hotnails

    2005 apple ipod guts nail set


  9. Hotnails

    butterfly clips nail set



  10. Hotnails

    anatomy of a porcelain doll nail set


  11. Hotnails

    blackberry q5 deco phone case nail set



  12. Hotnails

    lg rumeur2 2007 nail set



  13. Hotnails

    nokia c3 2010 bling phone case nail set




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