nicchi is a bittersweet universe of characters, places, stories and objects. A twilight zone between luxury and Saturday morning cartoons. nicchi bags are one of a kind – made by hand, one at a time. Designs are conceived through continuous play and hands-on engagement with materials. Before carefully crafting the final bag, a period of prototyping ensures that nicchi’s unorthodox constructions are viable.
  1. nicchi

    boomblaster eager envy


  2. nicchi

    boomblaster white lies


  3. nicchi

    boomblaster broken bladder


  4. nicchi

    boomblaster oral ocean


  5. nicchi

    boomblaster hot trauma i

    £1,775.00 (Made to order)

  6. nicchi

    boomblaster cold shoulder i

    £1,775.00 (Made to order)

  7. nicchi

    boomblaster black cherry i

    £1,775.00 (Made to order)


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