Alex Valentina

Alex Valentina is a digital artist whose captivating creations are a fusion of metallic-toned flora, photos, liquid aphorisms, and enchanting creatures. Having spent significant periods in London and Norway, Alex embarked on a new chapter by relocating to Milan, where he currently resides. He constructs a personal universe of photos blended with 3D elements and mythical creatures, shaping a new Arcadia in which man is shown in harmony within a hybrid context, between natural and digital.

  1. Alex Valentina

    the dose makes the poison


  2. Alex Valentina

    a symbiotic view of life


  3. Alex Valentina

    what shape has living matter?


  4. Alex Valentina

    you're not alone. theres bugs

    £120.00 (Made to order)

  5. Alex Valentina

    you and i are earth

    Poster: 50 x 70cm

    Cardboard: 21 x 29.7cm

    From £60.00


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