Emma Pryde

Emma Pryde is an artist and jewelry designer based in Los Angeles. Her work combines visual motifs from various time periods to produce hybrid, shimmering objects that embody the idea that the digital world collapses history. Inspired by childhood toys, mythical creatures, video game characters, and ancient artworks, she synthesizes her references to create new artifacts from alternate worlds. Her work is composed out of a variety of materials including ceramic, cast porcelain, epoxy, laser-cut acrylic, and other mixed media. 

  1. Emma Pryde

    silver armor chestplate


  2. Emma Pryde

    lace up camo skirt


  3. Emma Pryde

    roman headpiece


  4. Emma Pryde

    sculpted silver dragonfly chestplate


  5. Emma Pryde

    pink silver bug earrings


  6. Emma Pryde

    green medieval halter chestplate


  7. Emma Pryde

    butterfly armor chestplate


  8. Emma Pryde

    silver sculpted sword tie


  9. Emma Pryde

    iridescent halter chestplate


  10. Emma Pryde

    blue bug earrings


  11. Emma Pryde

    pastel butterfly charm necklace


  12. Emma Pryde

    stone spike necklace


  13. Emma Pryde

    clear angel keyblades


  14. Emma Pryde

    astro girl


  15. Emma Pryde



  16. Emma Pryde

    agoraphobic madonna


  17. Emma Pryde



  18. Emma Pryde

    turquoise keyblades


  19. Emma Pryde

    green amulet on cord


  20. Emma Pryde

    ancient purple stone necklace


  21. Emma Pryde

    spiky star sword earrings


  22. Emma Pryde

    turquoise star sword earrings


  23. Emma Pryde

    pale star sword earrings


  24. Emma Pryde

    magic green swords earrings


  25. Emma Pryde

    egghead entelechy


  26. Emma Pryde

    sky bunny


  27. Emma Pryde

    garden lamb


  28. Emma Pryde

    blue horse entelechy


  29. Emma Pryde

    orchid spiral entelechy


  30. Emma Pryde

    lavender key entelechy



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