Baggira is a new-wave jewellery brand founded by designer Renata Latypova in 2019. Inspired by nature, technological progress, fantastical art and the Epic, Renata has created a laboratory in which she utilises 3D printing and produces innovative works that combine the ancient and futurism, myth and realism, eco and technologies.

  1. Baggira

    ballerina orchid earrings


  2. Baggira

    faun myth cuffs


  3. Baggira

    ghost orchid earrings


  4. Baggira

    violet angel heart's earrings


  5. Baggira

    red angel heart's earrings


  6. Baggira

    paleo ear cuffs


  7. Baggira

    luna ear cuffs


  8. Baggira

    set of two bat flower earrings


  9. Baggira

    gold faun myth cuffs


  10. Baggira

    small bat flower earrings


  11. Baggira

    flower earrings necklace


  12. Baggira

    seadragon earrings



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