Carmen Schabracq

Carmen Schabracq works in various media, she makes paintings, sculptural installations, masks and performances in which the theatrical aspect of life plays an important role. She collects stories from different myths, traditions, her own experiences and uses them to recreate collage like visual narratives. The mask is a recurrent object and theme within her work, which she uses to explore the complexity of human identity. For ‘No Limits! Art Castle’ she worked with artist Jacquelien Gosschalk de Leeuw, who lives abandoned with her self made family of self made dolls in a house in a small town.

  1. Carmen Schabracq

    the other sister


  2. Carmen Schabracq

    tit hat


  3. Carmen Schabracq

    blue hat


  4. Carmen Schabracq

    devil mask


  5. Carmen Schabracq

    crocodile mask


  6. Carmen Schabracq

    sister granny



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