Jan Hoek

Jan Hoek is an artist and the founder of No Limits! Art Castle. In his work he is always attracted to the beauty of people living outside the norm and always enthusiastic to collaborate intensively with people that are normally overlooked at, and create a new image together. He photographed movie stars like Nairobi based motor taxi riders, an Amsterdam-based ex heroin addict who always dreamed of being a supermodel, created psychedelic zines about the sex tourist capital of the world Pattaya, and works for more then 6 years in shared authorship with a group of homeless trans sex workers who made their own clothes with designer Duran Lantink. In the universe of Hoek the ‘normal’ people are the strangers and the outsiders are the funky rulers of this planet.

  1. Jan Hoek

    supermodel kim


  2. Jan Hoek

    kim will never die


  3. Jan Hoek

    gothics in nigeria


  4. Jan Hoek

    ben augustus


  5. Jan Hoek

    eyes of jan's muses in anemoon's seamonster frame


  6. Jan Hoek

    accra motor rider in sea monster frame



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