Rudy and Benedikt

wall sculpture 13


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    Wall sculpture by Rudy and Benedikt, can be used as a wall piece.

    Ceramics, acrylic paint

    Wall sculpture / object


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    20,5x19x0,3 cm

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Rudy de Gruyl (1962) and Benedikt Fischer (1984) have been collaborating since 2020. Rudy is a philosopher, collector, and painter working at the Outsider Art Galerie in Amsterdam. His work shows a variety of interesting and colourful topics including aliens, animals, human nudes, TV programs, fruits, and letters. Benedikt graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and has gained international acclaim for his work, including jewelry made from shells and banana-shaped candle holders. Their longstanding collaboration has resulted in a colorful, homoerotic art collection containing jewelry, wall-pieces and objects.
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