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satin corset with beaded flowers


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    Corset made from 1950s upholstery fabrics - in cream jacquard and sky blue satin damask - with an antique Victorian table round at center front. In textured cut velvet in olive green and gold framed in braided trim, these small rounds were traditionally used as a decorative way to protect a wooden surface underneath an object such as a lamp. Purchased at an antique auction from an antiques dealer based in Belgium (they provided me with info about the piece:
    made in Belgium circa 1910-1920, 100% silk). Unlined. Fully boned for structure, with stainless steel grommets at center back. 100% Polyester grosgrain ribbon.

    100% Cotton front tapestry; Patchworked florals a mixture of Cotton/Polyester/Rayon.

    * Care Instructions: Hand-wash gently with natural soap in warm water, & hang to dry. Remove ribbon before washing.

  2. Sizing
    Size 6-8
    Best fits 35”-36.5” bust
    Body length: 12”
    * If you are in-between sizes, please choose a size down due to corset compression

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    US: £15
    Global: £25

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Kristin Mallison is a Brooklyn-based designer who creates handmade corsets out of upholstery. Repurposing vintage jacquard fabrics from chairs to couch cushions, to mid-century throws, Kristin Mallison’s durable choice of fabric provides a solid structural basis for her corsets, which feature playfully idyllic and innocent motifs.

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