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auto boots

£238.00 (Made to order)

  1. Details

    These handmade Auto Boots are a testament to craftsmanship, practicality, and sustainability. With a distinct defined tire sole added for support and stability designed to withstand challenging terrains. The oil-resistant tire sole ensures durability and traction in industrial environments, while their waterproof construction keeps your feet dry in the wettest conditions.

    - Handmade
    - Defined bumper heel
    - Oil resistant tire sole
    - Waterproof
    - Laced with recycled inner tubes & telephone chords

  2. Sizing
    Womens sizing
    Size W US- 6 EU- 37
    Size W US- 7 EU- 38
    Size W US- 8 EU- 39
    Size W US- 9 EU- 40
    Size W US-10 EU- 41

    Mens sizing
    Size M US- 6 EU-40
    Size M US- 7 EU- 41
    Size M US- 8 EU- 42
    Size M US- 9 EU- 43
    Size M US-10 EU- 44
    Size M US-11 EU- 45
    Size M US-12 EU- 46
    Size M US-13 EU- 47

  3. Shipping
    This item is produced on a made-to-order basis and will be shipped within 2 weeks from the US.

    US: £15
    Global: £25

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The brand Autticus is unique, future, dystopian, posh, uniform and unisex. the brand's focus is footwear  like unisex heels and boots consisting of eco-friendly materials like recycled inner tubes and tires. The brand comes in from an unseen sleek, future and shadow perspective curated by a designer named Autticus.


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