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grab holder


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    Grab Holder by Kay Yoon.

    The artist Kay Yoon questions how to define the functionality of body and space. The work Grab Holder (2023) was made as a part of her graduate installation  Free The Bone From The Flesh (2023), and Yoon’s Aluminum casts materialize her research, which she calls abstract concept into minimalistic visual forms. The Aluminum cast that clearly shows stretched- and gripped hand marks emphasizing the absence of the artist’s body.

    Material: Aluminum Cast

    One of a kind.

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    Measurements: 11 x 15 x 10 cm

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Kay Yoon is a new media artist based in Seoul and Berlin. Working with various mediums, her multidisciplinary practice is essentially grounded in conceptual art and revolves around reflections on spatial design concepts alongside the absurdity that emerges in their interactions with natural spaces and materials.
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