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if the other side of memory sacrifices itself...


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    The limited-edition book, "If The Other Side Of Memory Sacrifices Itself...," was created in conjunction with Kay Yoon’s solo exhibition "Bone On Bone Echoing" (Sept 28 - Nov 12, 2023) at Sauers Berlin. The book combines semi-fictional narratives with a touch of science fiction to connote the fluid nature of domestic memory and its ability to transcend time.

    Structured with a prologue, three interconnected chapters featuring protagonists resonating across different timelines, and an epilogue, the narrative revolves around the theme of 'echoes.' The book’s central laser-cut hole transforms it into a sculptural piece integral to the reading experience. Each copy includes an exclusively unique drawing by the artist and an edition certificate. The book is an integrated blend of narrative, art, and sculpture.

    Material: Paper

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    Measurements: 14.5 x 21 cm

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Kay Yoon is a new media artist based in Seoul and Berlin. Working with various mediums, her multidisciplinary practice is essentially grounded in conceptual art and revolves around reflections on spatial design concepts alongside the absurdity that emerges in their interactions with natural spaces and materials.
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