Krystel Liliana

chair 2 candle


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    Unique, one-off candle by Krystel Liliana.

    Chair wax sculpture characteristic of the artist’s work. The sculpture can be lit as a candle or preserved as a precious keepsake.

    Hand-dipped/modeled by hand

    100% beeswax + cotton wick + organic pigments

  2. Sizing
    Dimensions: 17 x 18 H:36cm

  3. Shipping
    This item is in stock and will be shipped within 3-5 days from Barcelona, Spain.

    EU: £15
    Global: £25

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Krystel Liliana Cárdenas is an Ecuadorian artist based in Barcelona. She explores the possibilities of wax sculpture and candle-making as an art practice. With her ethereal sculptures and site specific installations, she looks to explore the spiritual in the domestic, creating objects that capture the beauty of the transitory, the sacred, and the cycles of life and destruction. 

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