APOC Store is a curated fashion & art marketplace, connecting you directly to the next generation of creatives. Most of our products are shipped directly from our designers and artists who use their own packaging and shipping provider. 

Please, note that the product price and shipping costs do not include taxes and import duties, which may be charged when the shipment reaches the country of destination. Please, see the shipping tab on the product page(s) to check the location of the item.

Unfortunately, the APOC Store is currently unable to accurately estimate and collect import duties for you. 

To get an indication of the cost to expect, you may want to check an online calculator such as Simply Duty Please keep in mind that these values are only estimated and that we are still seeing some discrepancies between what the calculator says should be charged and what is actually charged (e.g. calculator’s estimate would usually apply a standard VAT rate and it will NOT include the individual carrier’s admin surcharge for example).

For any questions on this, please email


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