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the dune rug


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    MUSH's signature design, new and improved. Dune is an area rug that features multiple pile heights, giving the illusion of fluid motion. Inspired by the curvature of sand dunes and organic shapes.

    Ecru: signature cream

    Hunter: A pitch-black green

    Turf: Like astro-turf green

    Menthe: minty pistachio

    Greige: grayish beige 

    Hippo: Like sunny shallow water

    Pile heights: 13.5mm, 14.5mm, 15.5mm

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Founded by Jacob Winter and Franki Peroff in November of 2020. Mush Studios' rugs create a sense of playfulness and familiarity by drawing from simplistic, fluid shapes that feel relatable and imaginative. Mush introduces a new dimension of home decor by marrying an immersive, elevated visual spectacle with comfort you can feel. Their products and singular vision re-define the limits of modern home decor.
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