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ritual hoodie night blue


  1. Details

    Ritual Hoodie by Thibaut Knapp.

    This Exclusive Ritual Hoodie comes in a wonderfully mystical Night Blue shade. A storm of sparkling stars are hovering around the iconic Spooning logo, allowing protection and energy flow through the crisp wintery nights. Angelic halos are spread on the arms, hood and back, symbols of hope and light.

    Please note that each hoodie is handmade and hand-painted, therefore every single one is unique. It has a personalised engraved leather label at the back of the neck. 

  2. Sizing
    The fit is standard unisex with a cocoon feel.

    Model wears a size L

    Small (width: 52, Length:62)
    Medium (width: 56, Length:66)
    Large (width:60, Length:69)
    Extra Large (width:63, length:73)

  3. Shipping
    This item is in stock and will be shipped from Germany within 2-3 working days.

    EU shipping: £15
    Global shipping: £25

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Thibaut Knapp is a French-German multidisciplinary fashion designer whose references include everything from German Romanticism to werewolf motorcycle gang fantasies. His garments are made for the 21st-century Neo-Romantic explorer wearing “sentimental utilitarian” pieces, as seen with his hand-bleach-painted ‘Ritual Hoodies’.

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