Martin Quad

rat 5 vest

£346.00 (Made to order)

  1. Details

    Fake fur vest without sleeves and a traditional inverted collar closed by a gold zipper, lined with blood-red lining.

    Fits loose around body.

    Outer: 43% Acrylic, 42% Modacrylic, 15% Polyester & 100% Deadstock Wool
    Details: 100% Polyester

    Made in Denmark

  2. Sizing
    Model is 172cm and wears a size S

    Measurements in CM:

    S-M L-XL
    Height 60 60,6
    Shoulder to shoulder 48 54

  3. Shipping
    This item is produced on a made-to-order basis and will be shipped within 1-2 weeks from Denmark.

    EU shipping: £15
    Global shipping: £25

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Based in Copenhagen & rooted in a profound dedication to craftsmanship, Martin Quad's approach to fashion is characterized by a fusion of tradition, destruction and innovation, where beauty, modernity, and nonconformity converge to redefine a fashion landscape. The essence of Martin Quad is born from a profound desire to create stories that transcends mere clothing and transforms into a medium of conceptual storytelling. With an innate ability to evoke emotions and provoke thoughts, Martin' gracefully merges diverse genres, creating a universe that challenges to reimagines the viewer's consumption of fashion.

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