Paul Ferens

know a lot, don't talk much


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    Splash smiley face: Know a lot, don't talk much hanging sculpture by Paul Ferens.

    Vegan leather, staples, foam, wood panel

    Hanging sculptures mounted on wood with a small hole at the back for hanging

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    65x60 cm
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    This item will be shipped from Germany within two-three business days.

    EU: £15
    Global: £25

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Paul Ferens is a Berlin-based artist who engages in his paintings and sculptures with moments of transition, embracing the optical clash that occurs if you combine new and old, artificial and natural. Ferens' experiments with different techniques of painting, mark making and spatial interventions, form a dichotomy between the materials and symbols.
  1. Paul Ferens



  2. Paul Ferens

    talk a lot, don't know much



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