twirl mini skirt black


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    SS23 Twirl Mini in non-stretch black gabardine. Knife pleats in same. Foil printing on pleats and body. Comes with ONRUSH signature metal belt buckle and hanging straps belt. Each piece made individually so pleat formation cannot be 100% guaranteed to look exactly like the piece displayed. 

    This item is available for Pre-Order opened between April 4th until May 6th. After that date items will be sent out for production. Shipping to costumers will be carried out during the week of the 20th of May. 

  2. Sizing
    Judith is 175cm and wears size xs.

    xs. hip 88cm
    s. hip 92cm
    m. hip 98cm
    l. hip 104cm
    xl. hip 110cm
    Aprox length 32-37cm

  3. Shipping
    This item is in stock and will be shipped from Spain within 2 working days.

    EU: £15
    Global: £25

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ONRUSHW23FH, a Spanish experimental design brand founded in September 2020 by Albert Sánchez and Sebastian Cameras. Sánchez and Cameras initiate their design journey with a curated amalgamation of influences—movies, images, words, sounds—that coalesce into a substantial mood board. At the core of the duo's creative process lies a seamless integration of digital craftsmanship. 3D prototypes, initially draped over mannequins like canvases, undergo a transformative journey of modification and distortion.

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