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triangle shaped split single bra


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    MEW SS22 Oyster print designed for girls with magic powers  // ATTENTION please bear in mind this is a single bra piece. Select two for for the full look and also feel free to mix and match with our other single bras! // Oyster triangle shaped split single bra, stretchy lycra strings fully adjustable // Please note that the placement of the print is unique and different on each top// 

    look after your MEWkini....
     only wash in cold water, 
    do not iron, and leave out to dry
     be careful with sunscreen or oils 
    as these may also discolor the fabric
     colors may slowly fade 
    over time in strong sunlight

  2. Sizing
    XS: 1-2 US   S: 4-6 US  M: 8-10 US   

    L: 12-14 US   XL: 16-18 US  XXL: 20-22 US

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