Edy Bridges

sister studs


  1. Details

    Set of handmade Murano glass earrings embellished with electric green and turquoise transparent dots, attached by a sterling silver stud.

    The glass has natural inconsistencies in the design, making each one unique —sisters, not twins.

    The glass earrings are kiln-annealed to ensure durability, but they are not indestructible. Please handle them with care.

    Materials: The earrings are made using Murano glass from Italy and fastened with a sterling silver stud.

  2. Sizing
    Measurements: 1.3cm x 1cm est

  3. Shipping
    Time: This piece is in stock and will be shipped from Berlin within 1 week.

    Europe: £5
    US / Canada: £10
    Rest of the World: £15

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Established in 2019 Edy Bridges produces an evolving collection of contemporary jewellery combining playful forms with traditional techniques. She works out of her Berlin studio using recycled sterling silver and Murano glass. Each piece is handmade and will retain slight marks and irregularities making them unique.
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