Karmuel Young

silver ear cuff with removable rings

£130.00 (Made to order)

  1. Details

    The KARMUEL YOUNG X MOUCCM collaboration has been escalating further being inspired by the concept of form dissection and masculinized art created by contemporary artists Alexandra Bricken and John Chamberlain.

    - For Right Ear Only
    - 925 Silver
    - Made in Hong Kong

  2. Sizing
    - Approx. 20mm Width
    - Irregular Form
    - Removable Silver Ring in 12.5mm width
    - Removable Black Rubber Ring in 10mm width

  3. Shipping
    This item is produced on a made-to-order basis and will be shipped within 1 month from China.

    Asia: £15
    Global: £25

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Karmuel Young is a multi-medium design label based in China. Inspired by the enormous creative potential in menswear, the label’s perfectly crafted menswear is engineered to embody minimalism and modernity, tailor-made for men who seek alternative execution to regular fashion, answering operational and aesthetic needs.
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