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$324.00 (Made to order)

  1. Details

    Matryoshka look, inspired by a Matryoshka doll, has meaning of a figure that looks like a mother brooding a child, can be dressed by layering a dress, skirt, two pieces of top, and two pieces of cape. This creates a silhouette that covers and protects the whole body and that also shows two characteristics of fashion, protection and expression. At the same time, it pursues to create an image of a tent when the audiences think of “SUN WOO” just like the word, “a pop-up tent” that leads to a typical image of it. 

    Material: 80% Nylon, 20% Polyurethane

  2. Sizing
    Model size: 173cm Bust 31” Waist 22” Hip 33”

    Red layer (Cape) Length: 20cm Shoulder: 36cm
    Orange layer (Cape) Length: 28cm Shoulder: 36cm 
    Green layer (Sleeveless Top) Length: 50cm Shoulder: 34cm Chest: 48cm 
    Yellow layer (Sleeveless dress) Length: 74cm Shoulder: 34cm Chest: 48cm Waist: 47cm Hips: 50cm
    Blue layer (Skirt) Length: 62cm Waist: 34cm Hips: 44cm
    Purple layer (Full length dress) Length: 140cm Shoulder: 34cm Chest: 38cm Waist 34cm Hips: 38cm

    Measured lay flat
    Custom sizing order available

  3. Shipping
    This item is produced on a made-to-order basis and will be shipped within 7-14 days from South Korea.
    Asia - £15
    Global - £25

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Sun Woo is a Seoul-based brand by Sun Woo Chang, a Central Saint Martins alumni. Featuring quasi-mathematical shapes, inspired by tangrams and childhood puzzles, Sun Woo’s pieces are otherworldly. A predominant motif in each piece is the surprise element of ‘pop-up’ (like a tent), making them instantly recognisable as Sun Woo.
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