Danielle Karlikoff

green-eyed twisted terrain hoops


  1. Details

    Twisted terrain with two tones of green to elevate your daily hoop. Handmade in Sydney Australia. 

    Materials: Sterling silver, peridot, tsavorite garnet.

  2. Sizing
    Outside diameter: 17mm
    Width: 5mm
    Depth: approx 2mm

  3. Shipping
    This item is in stock and will be shipped within 1 week from Australia. 

    Australia shipping: £25
    Global shipping: £25

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Danielle Karlikoff is Sydney-based multidisciplinary artist and designer specialising in custom jewellery. Karlikoff’s pieces possess an alchemical quality, as she infuses precious metals and stones with industrial production methods and discarded materials to create a one-off piece of progressive jewellery.
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