Ella Boucht

daddy is a dyke white tie


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    This product is made by hand, using cotton satin scraps from our inhouse production, therefore imperfections are expected as a sign of unique craftsmanship

    Handmade in our studio in London
    100% Cotton Satin, with handmade heat transfer print
    Dry clean only


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    Point to point 137cm

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    UK: £6
    EU: £12
    US/Canada/Australia: £20
    Rest of the world: £30

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    Ella Boucht is a London-based Finnish fashion designer who graduated from Central Martins Fashion MA in 2020. Through androgynous tailoring and sensual motifs influenced by BDSM, Boucht’s work celebrates the LGBTQI+ community, explores gender and queerness and breaks beyond the barriers of heteronormative societal ideals.
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