La Manso

crystal clear belt


  1. Details

    PVC Thermoplastic belt with embedded sewn flowers and finished with a 925 sterling silver rose-shaped closure

  2. Sizing
    5 belt holes, from 80 to 105cm, depending size you choose/ Wide: 5cm

  3. Shipping
    This item is in stock and will be shipped from Spain within 5-8 Business Days.

    Europe: £15
    Rest of the world: £25

    The delivery period is normally 2-5 business days depending on destination country. 

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Founded in 2018, La Manso was inspired by Adriana Manso's admiration for the acrylic jewelry she found in her grandmother's collection. The Barcelona-based brand embraces Y2K-style, offering nostalgic collections including bold pop-art rings adorned with gold oval decorations, beaded necklaces featuring vibrant translucent hearts, hair clips with marbled dolphin motifs, and shell keepsakes. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted in a family-owned factory, utilizing molds sourced from local vintage shops, showcasing a genuine commitment to craftsmanship and sustainable practices.

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