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pose mirror large


  1. Details

    Polished stainless steel turned into a 3-dimensional shape by folding only one plate.

    Material: polished stainless steel

    Available in two sizes, first images show the size large

  2. Sizing
    Large: 885 x 325 x 1700 mm
    Small: 515 x 200 x 600 mm

  3. Shipping
    This product will be produced on a made-to-order basis and will be shipped within 4-5 weeks from the Netherlands. 

    EU: £15
    Global: £25

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Forever Studio is forever driven by a constant desire for experiments in order to create one- of-a-kind pieces. Bienke Domenie and Sara Degenaar want to highlight the part of a production process that makes their hearts beat the fastest; the experimental phase. This is where new ways of using colours and materials, predominantly resin and aluminium, come together.
  1. Forever Studio

    sham mirror

    £485.00 (Exclusive)(Made to order)

  2. Forever Studio

    sham mirror biggest


  3. Forever Studio

    sham mirror bigger

    £730.00 (Exclusive)

  4. Forever Studio

    sham mirror stretched

    £700.00 (Exclusive)

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    light-peach resin fitting


  6. Forever Studio

    dark resin fitting


  7. Forever Studio

    lime resin fitting


  8. Forever Studio

    orange resin fitting


  9. Forever Studio

    pink resin fitting


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