Corrina Goutos

clear lighter hair clip


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  1. Details

    Limited edition Lit barret hairclip by Corrina Goutos. 

    Handcrafted from obsolete lighters using techniques innovated from the artist's background as a goldsmith, the Lit Clips question the linearity of the disposable item.  In keeping pre-industrial handcraft techniques relevant in a growth-obsessed global economy, Goutos' makes a commentary on modern value systems.  Saving mundane objects from obsolescence, Corrina's neo-luxury products advocate for slow production, accessibility and a considered acquisition from her fans.

  2. Sizing
    Measurements: 8 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm

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    This item is in stock and will be shipped from Germany within 1 week. 

    EU: £15
    Global: £25

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