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camber bench


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    Camber Bench by Paul Coenen. The Camber bench originated from the idea of manufacturing a piece of furniture from a single piece of sheet metal. The inclining angle of the seat formed the basis for the rest of the design, with each cut and fold having the same 5 degree angle. Starting with a flat rectangle, two angular cuts are made. The first three folds are then made lengthwise by machine, after which the legs are finally bend into the right angle by hand.

    Material: Stainless steel

    Each piece is signed, numbered and dated

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    This item is produced on a made-to-order basis and will be shipped from the Netherlands within 3 weeks. 

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Paul Coenen employs an intuitive and hands-on approach, where he explores his fascination for materials and both modern and traditional manufacturing techniques. His work is straightforward; the appearance of the objects are a consequence of material and technique. 
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