beige 24h hobo sack


  1. Details

    Beige 24h Hobo Sack by SSU
    This knitted mesh stitch sack features a metal cord lock closure and an incorporated zippered pocket for essential belongings. The belt ends with a 40mm keychain metal carabiner attached to a D hook.

    100% Egyptian Cotton
    Made in Italy

  2. Sizing
    Opening 26cm
    Length 48cm
    Small Pocket 10 x 17 cm
    Belt Size 60cm
  3. Shipping
    This item is in stock and will be shipped within 2-3 working days from Italy.

    EU: £15
    US/Canada: £25
    Rest of the world: £35

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SSU is an Italian slow research brand founded by Leonardo Cossu. SSU strives to extrapolate modern sensibilities from traditional hand knitting techniques, while exploring multiple combinations between technical gear and uniforms. Shapeshifting between past and present time, its aesthetic is forged in both nostalgia and the need for the unexpected.

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