Lou de Bètoly

beaded dog bracelet


  1. Details

    Beaded dog bracelet by Lou de Bètoly. 

    Hand made in Germany.

    * Each piece is unique and the beading pattern changes per item

  2. Sizing
    Approximate measurements: 9x4 cm, stretching 8cm to 11cm

  3. Shipping
    This item is in stock and will be shipped from Germany within 48 hours.

    EU Shipping: £15
    Global Shipping: £25

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Lou de Bètoly is a French designer who works and lives in Berlin. Her main inspiration derives from chaos, surrealism, nostalgia, decadence, extravagance and oneirism. Her intricately sensual crochet pieces, adorned with embellishments reiterate her ‘wild at heart’ state of mind. 

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