Chantelle Lucyl

steel rider pillow bag


  1. Details

    One-of-a-kind Steel rider pillow bag in indigo cloud. This bag is exclusive to APOC STORE and will not be re-produced. An authenticate card comes with it.

    Up-cycled chrome handle
    Asymmetrical lycra pillow bag with padding
    Inside flat stitch pockets and tie for opening
    Zig zag stitch straps to anchor bag to chrome Jandle
    Ddip dye by hand with indigo - note variations on colour due to hand dye technique

    Reworked designer dead stock
    Main 80% nylon 20% spandex
    Lining 92% polyester 8% nylon mesh

  2. Sizing
    Height [from top of handle to point of bag base]: 55cm
    Width [from widest point of bag width]: 31cm

  3. Shipping
    This item is shipped from Melbourne, Australia in 2 working days with free shipping.


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Chantelle Lucyl is an Australian Fashion Designer who founded her brand in South London, 2020. Blurring the lines between resort and club wear, Chantelle Lucyl’s Pret-a-porter collections are fuelled by her nomad experiences of living for the night in different cities around the world. Lucyl’s garments extend the invitation to ‘forget about the rules’ and to ‘play’, by exploring new ways of dressing - presenting a stage for gender diversity and self-expression that is provocative, sensual and flirtatious at times. All garments are made-to-order in studio, locally sourcing regenerated lycra cut from recycling plastics or reworked designer remnants cut in limited runs.

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