P–L 02 Stool P–L 02 Stool P–L 02 Stool P–L 02 Stool P–L 02 Stool
P–L 02 Stool P–L 02 Stool P–L 02 Stool P–L 02 Stool P–L 02 Stool


P–L 02 Stool

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The P-L Series is a collection of furniture by Scottish-Swedish designer Nick Ross for NIKO JUNE. Each in an edition of 50 pieces. Ross’ research focuses on the complex repertoire of history, particularly ancient history, where he finds the factors with which to interpret the relationship between the user and contemporary design. The P-L series is referring to the post-and-lintel system, which is a simple form of construction involving posts carrying horizontal beams or lintels. In Ancient Egyptian and Greek architecture was of this type, using stone.

Material: aluminum

H: 44cm
L: 32cm
D: 32cm
Weight: 3g

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