Melted Potato

hey soul flower necklace


  1. Details

    Materials: Stainless steel, silver, plastic, metal, gemstones, coloured stones. 

    All Melted Potato products are handmade, one of a kind, and ultimately spontaneous. The actual product may slightly differ from pictures, but will be produced in the same gradient. For the hikers and bus catchers, melted potato designs use light weight material to ensure mobility. 

    Preservation and cautions: product is water resistant, UV resistant, and resistant to oxidization and discoloration. The outer layer is covered in clear varnish for extra protection. Please avoid putting products under high pressure, friction, hard impact, and exposing them to environments above 60 degrees Celsius. When not worn, always place product in the box it came with, to minimize the deterioration of the paint coating. Remember to also remove product when in hot springs.

  2. Sizing
    Pendant - 7 x 8cm
    Chain length - 43cm

  3. Shipping
    This item is in stock and will be shipped from Taiwan within two working days.

    Asia - £15
    Global - £25

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Melted Potato is a Taiwanese jewellery and objects brand. Specialising in biomorphic Silver pieces that come in mouthwatering chrome hues, Melted Potato’ adornments, whether physical or practical, are akin to lost treasure found at the shore of a mystical sea.

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