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pink crush bag


  1. Details

    Crush Bag by Olivia Rubend

    Colour: Pink

    Made in Italy

    Each bag outer and handle cover is knit on the hand knitting machine in studio.

    The bag is stuffed with shredded upcycled garments.

    Inner: Made from one pair of upcycled jeans each, and the inside of the bag has the pockets incorporated.

    Inner Handle: Made from repurposed, melted and hand moulded CD cases, moulded around an upcycled ring and attached with upcycled belt loops through the rings.

    Closure: Made from an upcycled chain and repurposed shower curtain hooks.

     30% Ethical Mohair, 60% Upcycled cotton, 10% Other.

  2. Sizing
    Measurements: 42 cm x 14 cm (fits a phone easily but not in the pockets, keys or cards will fit in the pockets.)

  3. Shipping
    This item is in stock and will be shipped from from the Canada within 1 week.

    US/Canada: £15
    Rest of the world: £25

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Olivia Rubens is a Canadian knitwear brand that celebrates authenticity, the underestimated underdogs – those who challenge the status quo – and encourages breaking free from conformity. Each collection is infused with non-conformist attitudes and explores weird, absurd, and taboo themes, through the lens of maximalist responsible knitwear, and upcycled and repurposed objects and garments. Founded by a London College of Fashion MA Womenswear graduate, Olivia Rubens is a trailblazer that redefines individualism.
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