Harlot Hands

flesh and vein pendant

£95.00 (Made to order)

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  1. Details

    Flesh and Vein Pendant by Harlot Hands.

    925 silver pendant on stainless steel chain

    * Please note due to the handmade nature, every piece is unique and may slightly vary from the pictured piece.

  2. Sizing
    Chain length: 18 inches 

  3. Shipping
    This item is produced on a made-to-order basis and will be shipped from the US within three weeks.

    US/Africa - £15
    Global/EU - £25

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Harlot Hands is an independent brand/jewelry project based in New York that explores myth, magic, and narrative symbology by creating hybrid earth-human wearable instruments. Handcrafted designs are formed from futuristic interpretations of organic symbolisms, creating signature textural realms that become timeless adornment. Drawn to the fluidity and possibility of abstract ephemera, the brand strives to remind us of how mystery and magic unfolds in everyday life. 
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