Hugo Kreit

coral claw nail ring slimy green


  1. Details

    Coral Claw Nail Ring by Hugo Kreit handcrafted in France. 

    Aluminium, liquid chrome, hand-poured soft polymer*, hypoallergenic steel stud.

    * Each piece is unique, the dripping finish will vary from the photo

  2. Sizing
    One size

  3. Shipping
    This item is in stock and will be shipped within two working days from France.

    EU shipping: £15
    Global shipping: £25

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Founded in 2020, Hugo Kreit is an eponymous Paris-based jewellery brand. Challenging conventional beauty standards through utilising unconventional materials and finishings, Hugo Kreit’s progressive jewellery creations explore the relationship between the organic and the artificial, through the use of man-made materials and natural ones.

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