Karmuel Young

black nylon polyester padded strong arm xy-plane coat (full lining)


  1. Details

    Inspired by functional sportswear and protector, and study how the features can be constructed to ideal figures of men, the Strong Arm shirt coat is functionally constructed as protector for the body which is shoulder-padded to rebuild the body form.

    • Exaggerated Oversize Fit
    • Light Weight 100% Polyamide Grid Check Translucent Fabric, made in Italy by Olmetex
    • Crepe and Slightly-Crinkled Hand Feel
    • Shoulder Padded
    • Straight Collar, Collar Point in 8cm
    • Black Silicon Buttons
    • Angled Chest Pocket
    • Straight Cut Hem
    • Side Vent with Hidden Snap Fastening
    • Inside-out Size Tag with Silver Rivet at back
    • Manufactured in China


      • Sizing
        Model is 6ft 1in / 1.87m, wears a size 48

      • Shipping
        This item is in stock and will be shipped within 2 working days from China.

        Asia: £15
        Global: £25

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      Karmuel Young is a multi-medium design label based in China. Inspired by the enormous creative potential in menswear, the label’s perfectly crafted menswear is engineered to embody minimalism and modernity, tailor-made for men who seek alternative execution to regular fashion, answering operational and aesthetic needs.
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