black limo inflatable trousers

£1,500.00 (Made to order)

  1. Details

    Latex Inflatable Trousers with a wide waist band for support. The inner layer is made in 0.40mm latex and the outer layer in 0.50mm latex. They come without zip and inflatables are made with a Carmo 7mm free flow valve. 

    Keep away from heat and daylight, metals and avoid contact with all oils.
    Always use talcum powder inside before use.
    Use a latex polish regularly and only cold hand wash.
    Please do not overinflate.

  2. Sizing
    Size S (UK/US 36, EU 46)
    WAIST: 74 - 78.5 cm, 29"- 31"

    Size M (UK/US 38, EU 48)
    WAIST: 79 - 83 cm, 31"- 33"

    Size L (UK/US 40, EU 50)
    WAIST: 84 - 88 cm. 33"- 35"

    Size XL (UK/US 42, EU 52)
    WAIST: 89 - 93 cm , 35"- 37"

  3. Shipping
    Shipped from India. These trousers are completely hand-made, and production normally takes 6-8 weeks. Orders are sent out when production is complete, but delivery time depends on the location.

    Asia - £15
    Global - £25

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Harri is an artist and designer based in London and New Delhi who strives to create a trinity between Craft, Materiality and Fashion. Reflecting contrasts and larger-than -life proportions, whilst shifting between textiles made of wood to latex performance sculptures, Harri reconfigures these to create simple wearables to intricate couture.
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