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    Neck warmer for wearing during these colder months, made in soft sheep shearling that fastens with an adjustable belted leather collar. The shearling has been sourced in warehouses in Paris, leftover by different productions or ateliers, sometimes from 20 years ago. 

    Only several of each colour made. As shearling is a natural product, please expect slight variations in hair length or texture. Each collar is unique and may differ slightly from the image.
    Made in France.

  2. Sizing
    Dimensions: 42 cm (length) x 9 cm (height.

  3. Shipping
    This item will be shipped by DHL within 48 hours from Paris.

    EU - £15
    Global - £25


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VEJAS was launched in 2015 by Vejas Kruszewski, the evolution of a personal project which explored the potentialities of clothing as a medium for self-actualisation. Soft, fluid materials are mechanised and the hard and stiff are cut into submission, composing a wardrobe that allows an emotive form of dressing.

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