Founded by Creative Director and designer Peter Lundvald Neilson, P.L.N. is an introspective, open-ended clothing line, gradually sampled and defined in fractions – piece by piece. Informed by archaic uniforms, sculptural installation and antiquated workwear, the cut and sewn product challenges materiality, silhouette and traditional notions of dress, paired with an undiluted narrative.

  1. P.L.N.

    long coat black

    £635.00 (Made to order)

  2. P.L.N.

    sleeveless shirt


  3. P.L.N.

    loose jeans


  4. P.L.N.

    shorts long


  5. P.L.N.

    leather jacket


  6. P.L.N.

    ruffle pants


  7. P.L.N.

    custom jeans


  8. P.L.N.

    “57” big bag

    £450.00 (Made to order)

  9. P.L.N.

    “39” mini bag

    £350.00 (Made to order)