1. Alexis Bondoux

    Alexis Bondoux is a French artist based in Amsterdam. Experimenting with collage and domestic familiarity of sculpture, Alexis Bondoux’s creations incorporate a melange of low design and craft interventions, by combining recycled materials and leftovers that he collects in the streets, flea markets, hard-discount and second hand stores.

    1. Alexis Bondoux



  2. Banzai Turba

    Banzai Turba is a product design studio based in Barcelona. They create objects and things from other objects and their work is based on curiosity. Utilising practices such as melting 3d printed prototypes and discards to create vibrantly abstract and contemporary homeware, Banzai Turba’s designs are playfully biomorphic. 

    1. Banzai Turba

      flora torba yellow and blue bowl


    2. Banzai Turba

      flora torba red and yellow vase


    3. Banzai Turba

      flora torba blue and red vase


    4. Banzai Turba

      flora torba green and grey bowl


    5. Banzai Turba

      flora torba big vase


    6. Banzai Turba

      flora torba blue and grey vase


  3. Chiayun Hu

    Chiayun Hu is a self-taught artist. She began painting in 2017, after completing a master’s degree in Menswear Fashion Design Technology from London College of Fashion. Her current practice is focused on painting and sculpting, working mainly with acrylic paints and plaster respectively. Chiayun Hu creates images that navigate between the abstract and figurative as she interprets human emotions.
    1. Chiayun Hu

      grounded i am grounded


    2. Chiayun Hu

      when wind blows


    3. Chiayun Hu

      let the blue wash away my scale


    4. Chiayun Hu

      i don’t remember how i look but i don’t fail to see how i feel about myself


    5. Chiayun Hu

      stretch out my arm to grab a crystal ball


    6. Chiayun Hu

      galaxy girl


    7. Chiayun Hu

      i am here quietly watching the bonfire


  4. Ciro Duclos

    Ciro Duclos is a Dutch artist and graduate from the Royal Academy for Visual Arts in The Hague (2015). Influenced and fascinated by everyday objects and the experience of their surroundings, Duclos' love for materials such as concrete, glass and marble greatly influences his work . Material research is therefore always the foundation of Duclos' practice.

    1. Ciro Duclos



  5. Claire Duport

    Coming from an editorial background as a stylist in Paris, Claire Duport has expanded her work as an illustrator collaborating with fashion brands and various publications. Claire Duport translates her research on textile through various techniques of embroidery, quilting and cut-out, implementing her eye-catching, abstract shaped emblems.
    1. Claire Duport

      quilted blanket light pink bright - large

      £300.00 (Made to order)

    2. Claire Duport

      quilted blanket beige pink - medium

      £227.00 (Made to order)

    3. Claire Duport

      quilted blanket beige blue - large

      £300.00 (Made to order)

    4. Claire Duport

      quilted blanket green grey - large

      £310.00 (Made to order)

  6. Daniel O'Toole

    Daniel O’Toole is a multimedia artist from Melbourne, Australia. Building on the Los Angeles 'Light and Space' movement of the 1960’s, the work is positioned in the post-digital context of contemporary Australia. Inspired by personal experiences of synaesthesia , O’Toole seeks to deliver a connected dialogue between colour and sound.

    1. Daniel O'Toole

      custom colourway

      £1,650.00 (Made to order)

    2. Daniel O'Toole

      liquid floor of the furnace


    3. Daniel O'Toole

      spirit window


  7. Dongwook Choi

    Dongwook Choi is a South Korean designer, specialising in metal crafted objects and furniture. By realising his sketches via 3D computer tools, Choi is able to produce functional art, prioritising shapes for functions. His "Crest and Trough" series is inspired by the interference of waves and utilises computational design.
    1. Dongwook Choi

      tooth chair dark grey

      £940.00 (Made to order)

    2. Dongwook Choi

      tooth chair cream

      £940.00 (Made to order)

    3. Dongwook Choi

      crest and trough bench

      £2,538.00 (Made to order)

    4. Dongwook Choi

      crest and trough side table / stool onyx

      £1,845.00 (Made to order)

    5. Dongwook Choi

      crest and trough side table / stool

      £1,845.00 (Made to order)

  8. Elissa Lacoste

    Elissa Lacoste is an experimental designer based in Burgundy, France. She graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven MA in 2018. Unconventionally textured and vibrant, her sculptural pieces linger between the real and the surreal while maintaining a hint of functionality. In her work, she evokes an otherness to reflect upon our relationship to our physical environment, be it anthropogenic or natural.
    1. Elissa Lacoste

      orange-blue mammatus wall sculpture


    2. Elissa Lacoste

      yellow mammatus wall sculpture


    3. Elissa Lacoste

      orange-green mammatus wall sculpture


  9. Emma Pryde

    Emma Pryde is an artist and jewelry designer based in Los Angeles. Her work combines visual motifs from various time periods to produce hybrid, shimmering objects that embody the idea that the digital world collapses history.

    Inspired by childhood toys, mythical creatures, video game characters, and ancient artworks, she synthesizes her references to create new artifacts from alternate worlds. Her work is composed out of a variety of materials including ceramic, cast porcelain, epoxy, laser-cut acrylic, and other mixed media. 


    1. Emma Pryde

      pink princess slab


    2. Emma Pryde

      sky bunny


    3. Emma Pryde

      spikey angel


    4. Emma Pryde

      barnacle mask


    5. Emma Pryde

      egghead entelechy


    6. Emma Pryde

      crystal spiral entelechy


    7. Emma Pryde

      blue horse entelechy


    8. Emma Pryde

      orchid spiral entelechy


    9. Emma Pryde

      lavender key entelechy


  10. Fabian Bergmark Näsman

    Fabian Bergmark Näsman (b. 1991, SE) is educated at Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and Konstfack in Stockholm. Derived from the idea of recursion and hybridization, Fabian Bergmark Näsman has developed a unique artistic process where he casts sculptures from one mold to create an original piece each time through dissection and reconstruction.

    1. Fabian Bergmark Näsman

      aluminium door handle (fig. 45)


    2. Fabian Bergmark Näsman

      aluminium door handle (fig. 44)


  11. Forever Studio

    Forever Studio is forever driven by a constant desire for experiments in order to create one- of-a-kind pieces. Bienke Domenie and Sara Degenaar want to highlight the part of a production process that makes their hearts beat the fastest; the experimental phase. This is where new ways of using colours and materials, predominantly resin and aluminium, come together.
    1. Forever Studio



    2. Forever Studio



    3. Forever Studio



    4. Forever Studio



    5. Forever Studio



    6. Forever Studio



    7. Forever Studio



    8. Forever Studio

      sham mirror biggest

      £1,450.00 (Made to order)

    9. Forever Studio

      sham mirror bigger

      £730.00 (Exclusive)(Made to order)

    10. Forever Studio

      sham mirror stretched

      £700.00 (Exclusive)(Made to order)

    11. Forever Studio

      sham mirror

      £485.00 (Exclusive)(Made to order)

    12. Forever Studio

      wasted time 002

      £940.00 (Made to order)

    13. Forever Studio

      wasted time 001

      £1,070.00 (Made to order)

    14. Forever Studio

      posh mirror

      From £880.00 (Made to order)

    15. Forever Studio

      light-peach resin fitting


    16. Forever Studio

      pink resin fitting


    17. Forever Studio

      green resin fitting


    18. Forever Studio

      no name yet stool

      £1,250.00 (Exclusive)(Made to order)

    19. Forever Studio

      transparent divider

      From £710.00 (Exclusive)(Made to order)

    20. Forever Studio

      flat light

      £1,725.00 (Exclusive)(Made to order)

    21. Forever Studio

      resin wall light

      £1,690.00 (Exclusive)(Made to order)

    22. Forever Studio

      woven resin shelf

      £2,088.00 (Made to order)


    Designer and maker Frederik Fialin has a background in crafts as a cabinetmaker from Denmark. Exploring materials ranging from various metals, recycled plastic and exotic woods, Frederik Fialin maintains a strictly simple and honest approach to his furniture practice which consists of larger custom furniture projects, unique usable art pieces in various materials and staple in-house items.

      lounge table

      £560.00 (Made to order)


    STUDIO GUAPO is an interdisciplinary creative studio blurring the lines between mixed-media art, streetwear, furniture and interiors through collaborative projects, designed objects and one-of-a-kind art works. Guapo’s collaboration with Bronsin Ablon of Work At Hand transforms stools into wearable objects.

      pillow chain stool remix 1



      pillow collage stool remix 2


  14. Gustavo Barroso

    Gustavo Barroso is a Brazilian-American visual artist and designer. His designs feature a playful otherworldliness, akin to cartoons or a Dr Seussian landscape. Utilising natural materials with found pieces, Barroso’s designs repurpose discarded parts to create a piece that is both functional yet surreal.
    1. Gustavo Barroso

      billboard chair (american fever)

      £640.00 (Made to order)

    2. Gustavo Barroso

      lights out ashtray


    3. Gustavo Barroso

      brick phone brick


  15. Hannah Jewett

    Hannah Jewett jewellery is created in limited editions by hand in New York City.
  16. Hilfreich

    Hilfreich Jewellery is created by multidisciplinary artist Willa Hilditch in her London studio. The False fruit series draws inspiration from theatrical stage sets, the use of perspective in Sienese painting, Octavia Butler’s ‘Parable of the Sower’, surrealism, the artwork of Ragnar Kjartansson and weeds.

    1. Hilfreich

      flower head brass

      £100.00 (Made to order)

    2. Hilfreich

      flower head #2


    3. Hilfreich

      flower head #1


    4. Hilfreich

      jotter pendant

      £140.00 (Made to order)

    5. Hilfreich

      twin headed flower stem


    6. Hilfreich

      blue flower stem #2


    7. Hilfreich

      blue flower stem #1


  17. javier montoro

    Javier Montoro is an artist and sculptor from Madrid. His structures utilise materials ranging from PVC to enamel; iron to ceramic. Each art piece possess a geometric form - some undulating, some uniform and columnated - and presents itself as both contemporary and minimal, yet playful.
    1. javier montoro

      shed off its bland components


    2. javier montoro

      l.l.l. fe


    3. javier montoro

      l.l.l. yellow

      £910.00 (Made to order)

    4. javier montoro

      still struck by the shapes of old


    5. javier montoro


      £1,265.00 (Made to order)

    6. javier montoro

      ultimatte strength


  18. Joseph Algieri

    New York-based Joseph Algieri creates otherworldly lighting using clay and expandable foam. Algieri’s lamps are made from polyurethane foam, which has solidified as it drips down to create a surreal, melted, cactus-like form. In addition to the foam lamps, Algieri’s pleated lamps, made out of airbrushed earthenware are equally striking, making for a focal piece in any room or setting.
    1. Joseph Algieri

      table lamp orange

      £500.00 (Exclusive)

    2. Joseph Algieri

      table lamp mint

      £500.00 (Exclusive)

    3. Joseph Algieri

      large yellow pleated lamp

      £2,800.00 (Exclusive)

    4. Joseph Algieri

      pink pleated lamp

      £1,500.00 (Exclusive)

    5. Joseph Algieri

      small green pleated lamp

      £800.00 (Exclusive)

    6. Joseph Algieri

      large ladder light


    7. Joseph Algieri

      large cactus lamp

      £4,380.00 (Made to order)

    8. Joseph Algieri

      orange foam light

      £2,230.00 (Made to order)

    9. Joseph Algieri

      pink foam light

      £1,989.00 (Made to order)

  19. Kaley Flowers

    Kaley Flowers is a ceramic artist based in Ontario, Canada.  Inspired by digital technologies, meme culture and online communities, she aims to solidify the nature of the Internet through the permanency of ceramic form. Creating both functional and sculptural work, her designs are inspired by materials, alchemical processes, and natural forms.
    1. Kaley Flowers



    2. Kaley Flowers

      shell mirror


    3. Kaley Flowers

      hala shelf


  20. Karen Lee

    Karen Lee is a designer who focuses on communal objects / object-oriented design.  Her work engages in objects that redefine their own roles in and relationships to the domestic landscape, such as the ‘Snail Home’. Using materials including ceramics and resin, Karen Lee leverages traditional craft processes and material combinations to explore new and unexpected forms of communal systems.
    1. Karen Lee

      snail home


  21. Kay Yoon

    Kay Yoon is a new media artist based in Seoul, Korea and Berlin, Germany. Kay works with various mediums, primarily in sculpture and installation, as well as drawing, performance, and media art. Her multidisciplinary practice is essentially grounded in conceptual art and revolves around the reflections on spatial design concepts and the absurdity that emerges in their interactions with natural spaces and materials.
    1. Kay Yoon



    2. Kay Yoon

      grip with hair


    3. Kay Yoon

      grip in grey


  22. Kuo Duo

    Kuo Duo is a design studio based in Seoul. They are particularly interested in questioning preconception and expanding perception towards our three-dimensional world. In their work, they challenge themselves to experiment with the material, construction and form that deviate from the existing way of thinking. 
    1. Kuo Duo

      reel basket verdaccio


    2. Kuo Duo

      reel basket naples yellow


    3. Kuo Duo

      reel basket lavender


    4. Kuo Duo

      reel basket cobalt blue


  23. Louis Gibson

    Louis Gibson is a London-based designer and maker, working across a number of different mediums and scales. Continually inspired by the different qualities, strengths and limitations of materials as an informing element in the development of new work. In an increasingly wasteful industrial world, the use of reclaimed, repurposed or recycled materials are used where possible. With the inherent history that pre-used materials have, this often imbues the final result with a sense of character.

    1. Louis Gibson

      yin chair

      £650.00 (Made to order)

    2. Louis Gibson

      broom handle chair

      £450.00 (Made to order)

    3. Louis Gibson

      acrylic panel chair

      £1,800.00 (Made to order)

  24. LS GOMMA

    LS GOMMA is a contemporary design studio that works across lighting, furniture and homewares. Exploring new materiality within the domestic realm and production techniques that question existing furniture typologies. Objects are rooted in function but designed to incorporate an inherent gesture that extends beyond this.
    1. LS GOMMA

      satellite stool


    2. LS GOMMA

      u - table black

      £1,525.00 (Made to order)

    3. LS GOMMA

      issa floor lamp


  25. Marco Campardo

    Marco Campardo is a London-based designer and maker designing objects, exhibition design and site-specific installations. Marco’s work starts with hands-on experimentation and research to question the nature of contemporary models of production. With a keen interest in materiality, his research seeks to subvert or adapt industrial manufacturing processes to propose an alternative to standardised mass production.
    1. Marco Campardo

      butter stool off white

      £295.00 (Made to order)

    2. Marco Campardo

      butter stool off acid

      £295.00 (Made to order)

  26. Mauro Ventura

    Mauro Ventura (b. 1993, Vila Nova de Famalicão) studied in Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto (2011) and HFBK, Dresden (2014). Recent exhibitions include: GALERIA DUARTE SEQUEIRA Forest of metal whispers 2022; THE FAIREST  the right to transform, HOTO, Berlin, 2022; AMYGDALA DEMONIA, Anuario 19, Camara Municipal Porto, 2020; AMYGDALA DEMONIA, Centro Comercial Stop - Kunsthalle Freeport Porto 2019; m.i.1.glisse Gardens Of Drexciya Berlin, 2019; FAXION IZ WAK, CRAK IZ BACK- Berru; Sistencia: Installation at Polyphony Studios, Berlin, 2018.
    1. Mauro Ventura

      how to destroy angels iv


    2. Mauro Ventura

      how to destroy angels ill


    3. Mauro Ventura

      how to destroy angels i


    4. Mauro Ventura

      how to destroy angels il


  27. Melted Potato

    Melted Potato is a Taiwanese jewellery and objects brand. Specialising in biomorphic Silver pieces that come in mouthwatering chrome hues, Melted Potato’ adornments, whether physical or practical, are akin to lost treasure found at the shore of a mystical sea.

    1. Melted Potato

      fallen flower vase


    2. Melted Potato

      potato vase no.1


  28. Modular by Mensah

    Founded by Kusheda Mensah, a British-born Ghanaian designer based in London, Modular by Mensah is an exploration of how one can create idyllic yet fun and functional living environments. Mensah’s pieces are a physical remedy for how individuals struggle to bond in modern day society. 
    1. Modular by Mensah

      the hand

      £5,000.00 (Made to order)

  29. Moreno Schweikle

    Moreno Schweikle is a German artist whose work sits at the intersection of sculpture, furniture and installation. Combining a background in design with a curiosity in the evolving influence that technology has on everyday objects, his work is the result of hybrid production, one that embraces equally the hand and the machine made.
    1. Moreno Schweikle

      oasis vase - regular


    2. Moreno Schweikle

      oasis vase - large


  30. müsing—sellés

    Musing-selles is a design duo started by Canadian architect Marisa Musing and Spanish architect Alvaro Gomez-Selles, creating abstracted forms of furniture objects inspired by architectural bodies. They play with simplified geometries that can interpret functionality and use of the objects we hold in our lives and homes in different ways. 
    1. müsing—sellés

      set no. 5 minibar

      £4,790.00 (Made to order)

    2. müsing—sellés

      set no. 5 table

      £4,430.00 (Made to order)

    3. müsing—sellés

      set no. 5 table

      £4,430.00 (Made to order)

  31. Naomi Gilon

    Naomi Gilon is a Brussels-based multidisciplinary artist who creates fantastical ceramic creations encapsulating both terror and the sublime. From mini ceramic handbags to show stopping vases, her sculptures and objects possess mythically long, clawed fingers, thorns and spikes, which have become a signature style of Naomi Gilon.
    1. Naomi Gilon

      iridescent white monstrous heart bag


    2. Naomi Gilon

      purple spike basket bag


    3. Naomi Gilon

      monstrous bag gold/ bronze


    4. Naomi Gilon

      candlestick pink


  32. Natalie Ochoa

    Natalie Ochoa is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Brooklyn. In her practice, she confronts her fears, anxieties, and vulnerabilities using art as a form of therapy and spiritual practice. In her embroidery works, she uses found imagery and text as a way of expressing her feelings, which are often emotions that she has repressed. In her sculptures, she explores whimsical, air-like shapes which support the embroideries to take on a life of their own.

    1. Natalie Ochoa

      little lady


    2. Natalie Ochoa



    3. Natalie Ochoa

      little shade


    4. Natalie Ochoa

      little witch


  33. naza

    Naza is a Basel-based design collective with a focus on products, objects and spaces. For Naza, an object does not exist on its own. It is closely connected with the environment and with us, as seen through their O.Fu plant pot. Naza breaks and rethinks the conventional in an experimental and empirical way. 

    1. naza

      kendl green

      From £44.00

    2. naza

      kendl red / greige

      From £44.00

    3. naza

      kendl white

      From £44.00

    4. naza

      o.fu light beige

      £480.00 (Made to order)

    5. naza

      o.fu black

      £480.00 (Made to order)

    6. naza

      o.fu orange

      £480.00 (Made to order)

    7. naza

      o.fu light blue

      £480.00 (Made to order)

  34. Nicole Walker

    Nicole Walker is an artist, currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. Nicole has been a freelance creative director, stylist and curator for over 10 years. She has been exploring her own artistic vision and has been educated as a glassblower. With her glass, she uses unconventional ways and techniques to find new ways to work with the material. 

    1. Nicole Walker

      celestial vessel #2


    2. Nicole Walker

      celestial vessel #1


    3. Nicole Walker

      celestial vessel #3



    NIKO JUNE is a Copenhagen-based creative office who create unconventional yet minimalistic homeware.  From upcycled water bottle vases to idiosyncratic coffee cups, the NIKO JUNE studio’s approach is extremely hands-on, with a strong sense of community as well as great importance on a global consciousness to not waste materials, but to give them new life and purpose.
    1. NIKO JUNE

      eros torso 20 large


    2. NIKO JUNE

      eros torso 20 medium


    3. NIKO JUNE

      studio jewellery bowl baby blue


    4. NIKO JUNE

      eros torso 20 small


    5. NIKO JUNE

      studio jewellery bowl dark blue


    6. NIKO JUNE

      studio cup white


    7. NIKO JUNE

      studio cup dark blue


    8. NIKO JUNE

      a single brick candle light blue


    9. NIKO JUNE

      a single brick candle white


    10. NIKO JUNE

      jug 4

      £490.00 (Made to order)

    11. NIKO JUNE

      studio jewellery bowl white


    12. NIKO JUNE

      studio jewellery bowl orange


    13. NIKO JUNE

      studio cup baby blue


    14. NIKO JUNE

      studio cup orange


    15. NIKO JUNE

      jug 2

      £310.00 (Made to order)

    16. NIKO JUNE

      studio platter baby blue


    17. NIKO JUNE

      studio platter white


    18. NIKO JUNE

      studio platter orange


    19. NIKO JUNE

      studio platter dark blue


    20. NIKO JUNE

      studio vase orange


    21. NIKO JUNE

      studio vase baby blue


    22. NIKO JUNE

      studio vase dark blue


    23. NIKO JUNE

      studio vase white


    24. NIKO JUNE

      studio pitcher orange


    25. NIKO JUNE

      studio pitcher dark blue


    26. NIKO JUNE

      studio pitcher baby blue


    27. NIKO JUNE

      studio pitcher white


    28. NIKO JUNE

      studio candlestick orange


    29. NIKO JUNE

      studio candlestick white


    30. NIKO JUNE

      studio candlestick dark blue


  36. Ola Lewczyk

    Ola Lewczyk works primarily with beeswax, clay and biomaterials. Focusing on the
    process of making, she’s drawn to craft practices, slavic folklore and building companionships with non-human substance. She continuously moves between the grounding and the intangible; for her personal symbolism is a medium and touch is a portal.
    1. Ola Lewczyk

      candle 0013

      £88.80 (Made to order)

    2. Ola Lewczyk

      candle 0012

      £88.80 (Made to order)

    3. Ola Lewczyk

      candle 0011

      £66.60 (Made to order)

    4. Ola Lewczyk

      candle 0004 dabie


    5. Ola Lewczyk

      candle 0002 porto


  37. Paul Ferens

    Paul Ferens is a Berlin-based artist who engages in his paintings and sculptures with moments of transition, embracing the optical clash that occurs if you combine new and old, artificial and natural. Ferens' experiments with different techniques of painting, mark making and spatial interventions, form a dichotomy between the materials and symbols.
    1. Paul Ferens



    2. Paul Ferens

      talk a lot, don't know much


  38. Philip Hedegaard

    Philip Hedegaard is a Danish ceramicist whose clay creations feature a characteristic ‘laziness’ to them. Hedegaard’s ‘Lazy Cup’ came into fruition when he was about to fire a normal looking cup in the kiln, but as he was moving the cup to the plate the body collapsed and created the signature droopy ‘lazy’ handle.

    1. Philip Hedegaard

      the boy flips


    2. Philip Hedegaard

      jar that has given up vase


  39. Pierre Castignola

    Eindhoven based designer Pierre Castignola (1995) graduated Cum Laude from the Design Academy in 2018. He aims to have a conceptual background in his work while focusing on a surprising, intriguing and surrealist outcome, as seen with his ‘Golf Lamp’. His conceptual focus belongs in the perception of the world, with a strong fascination for semiotics and symbols to lead to a radical and critical design.
    1. Pierre Castignola

      golf lamp

      £250.00 (Made to order)

    2. Pierre Castignola

      blue room object clock n°7

      £250.00 (Made to order)

    3. Pierre Castignola

      blue room object candleholder n°6


    4. Pierre Castignola

      blue room object candleholder n°5


    5. Pierre Castignola

      blue room object lamp n°4


    6. Pierre Castignola

      blue room object stool n°3


    7. Pierre Castignola

      blue room object stool n°2


    8. Pierre Castignola

      copytopia stool white


    9. Pierre Castignola

      copytopia stool stirling green


    10. Pierre Castignola

      copytopia low table

      £895.00 (Made to order)

  40. Robuche

    Lou Buche and Javier Rodriguez, also known as Robuche, are both graphic designers and artists. The duo investigates the relationship between art and design. Collaboration is at the core of their practice, employing methodologies confronting the digital and analog realms.
    1. Robuche

      chaussure à ton pied


    2. Robuche

      direcciones molestas


    3. Robuche


      £2,000.00 (Made to order)

  41. Rubén Gutiérrez-Martin

    Rubén Gutiérrez-Martin is a young New-York based designer exploring uncharted territories. Sleek and a bit dangerous, Ruben Gutierrez-Martin creates simple designs that are risk taking and adventurous. The furniture and design objects incorporate a mix of materials and fabrication methods to create new forms that are as alluring as they are well crafted.

    1. Rubén Gutiérrez-Martin

      co3 mirror


    2. Rubén Gutiérrez-Martin

      c01 side table

      £1,220.00 (Made to order)

  42. Schenk-Mischke

    Philipp Schenk-Mischke graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2018. Based between Germany and London, his work looks to elevate craftsmanship and the making process by searching for juxtapositions from opposite spheres and infusing the inherently traditional field of craft with digital and hyper-consumerist undertones.
    1. Schenk-Mischke

      btm ceramic vase #5


  43. Seats System

    Mira Bergh and Josefin Zachrisson have collaborated since they graduated from Beckmans College of Design in 2019. The Stockholm-based duo works across objects and installations, with a conceptual and experimental approach. By questioning and acknowledging values beyond function, they aim to challenge preconceived notions in materials, contexts, and interactions. Seats System was nominated for the Dezeen Awards 2021. 

    1. Seats System



    2. Seats System



    3. Seats System



  44. Shinkyu Shon

    Shinkyu Shon is a Seoul-based designer creating minimalist furniture pieces. His first collection, titled ‘Split’ presents a harmonic amalgamation of tempered glass and pine logs, representing the ‘split’ between Western and Eastern design, as well as the natural beauty and contours of Korea.
    1. Shinkyu Shon

      split stool


    2. Shinkyu Shon

      split magazine shelf


    3. Shinkyu Shon

      split console


    4. Shinkyu Shon

      split coffee table


  45. Soft Baroque

    Nicholas Gardner and Saša Štucin of Soft Baroque work simultaneously in object design and art. Their practice focuses on creating work with conflicting functions and imagery, without abandoning beauty or consumer logic. They are keen to blur the boundaries between acceptable furniture typologies and conceptual representative objects.

    Recent exhibitions include: ‘Clear cut, cave in’, Room 6x8, Beijing, 2022; 59th Venice Biennal - Danish Pavilion, Venice, 2022; ‘Sun City’, Milan, 2021; ‘Total Space’, Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich, 2020; ’Split Personality’, Friedman Benda, New York, 2020; ‘World of Ulteriors’, Etage Projects, Copenhagen, 2019.

    1. Soft Baroque

      carved alu vase large red


  46. Solitude Studios

    A Copenhagen based studio centering around garments as its primary media, Solitude Studios is a vast idea, unbound by systematic structure, expelled by energy and striving for balance. Intrigued by the way humans interact with nature – and how nature responds, Solitude Studios craft is an ever-changing process implementing local materials, dyes and talents. 

    1. Solitude Studios

      ritual sculpture


    2. Solitude Studios

      obtained being sculpture


    3. Solitude Studios

      body of elements sculpture


    4. Solitude Studios

      carrying growth sculpture


    5. Solitude Studios

      early endeavour sculpture



    Stefania Ruggiero is a designer and artist based in Milano. With a master's degree in product design at Politecnico di Milano, she starts her career as a carpet designer after she trained at paola navone studio and marcel wanders. In her projects she blends art and design, mixing poetics and experimentation.

      purple small mirror



      orange extra small mirror



      orange extra small light mirror



      yellow large mirror



      yellow medium mirror



      magenta small mirror



      orange medium mirror



      large turquoise mirror



      mirror light white


  48. Sticky Glass

    Sticky Glass is an NY-based design company, developed by Grace Whiteside, that specialises in multi-functional performative glassware. Sticky is not just a design company but a family of queer, trans, women and POC. Their absurd compositions pull inspiration from nature's absurdities to Dr. Suess illustrations.
    1. Sticky Glass

      small deflated bowl #4 in denim

      £83.00 (Made to order)

    2. Sticky Glass

      deflated cup #5 in pink

      £83.00 (Made to order)

    3. Sticky Glass

      deflated cup #4 in aurora

      £83.00 (Made to order)

    4. Sticky Glass

      small deflated bowl #5 in smoke

      £83.00 (Made to order)

    5. Sticky Glass

      small deflated bowl #3 in pink

      £83.00 (Made to order)

    6. Sticky Glass

      small deflated bowl #2 in cinnamon

      £83.00 (Made to order)

    7. Sticky Glass

      small deflated bowl #1 in chameleon

      £83.00 (Made to order)

    8. Sticky Glass

      large deflated bowl #4 in pink

      £292.00 (Made to order)

    9. Sticky Glass

      large deflated bowl #3 in pistachio

      £292.00 (Made to order)

    10. Sticky Glass

      large deflated bowl #2 in gold

      £292.00 (Made to order)

    11. Sticky Glass

      large deflated bowl #1 in celadon

      £292.00 (Made to order)

    12. Sticky Glass

      deflated cup #3 in chameleon

      £83.00 (Made to order)

    13. Sticky Glass

      deflated cup #2 in gold

      £83.00 (Made to order)

    14. Sticky Glass

      deflated cup #1 in pistachio

      £83.00 (Made to order)

    15. Sticky Glass

      deflated vase #2 in salmon

      £292.00 (Made to order)

    16. Sticky Glass

      deflated vase #1 in pistachio

      £292.00 (Made to order)

    17. Sticky Glass

      deflated centre piece in teal and pink

      £582.00 (Made to order)

    18. Sticky Glass

      deflated goblet ii

      £287.00 (Made to order)

    19. Sticky Glass

      deflated goblet i

      £287.00 (Made to order)

    20. Sticky Glass

      hyena hunny vase

      £1,072.00 (Made to order)

    21. Sticky Glass

      snail garden platter

      £1,565.00 (Made to order)

    22. Sticky Glass

      crayon reject platter

      £1,565.00 (Made to order)

  49. Studio Chacha

    Founded in 2017, Studio Chacha is a Korean art furniture studio who predominantly work with glass. Studio Chacha’s otherworldly aesthetic is simultaneously classic and futuristic, presenting unfamiliar and familiar objects and furniture. The organic glass structures are realised in hues akin to the Aurora Borealis.

    1. Studio Chacha

      dolmen clear side table

      £1,850.00 (Made to order)

    2. Studio Chacha

      dolmen side table

      £2,400.00 (Made to order)

    3. Studio Chacha

      aurora clear table

      £2,000.00 (Made to order)

    4. Studio Chacha

      aurora table

      £2,500.00 (Made to order)

  50. Tellurico

    Tellurico is a multidisciplinary design studio specialising in objects, spaces and installations, founded in 2017 by Netherlands-based Italian designer Francesco Pace. Through the study of folklore, together with the relationship between crafts and the environment, Tellurico’s work amalgamates the historical, geological and social aspects of humankind, as well as the uniqueness and simplicity of every-day life.

    1. Tellurico

      two leg mini stool

      £1,430.00 (Made to order)

    2. Tellurico

      two leg bar stool

      £2,180.00 (Made to order)

    3. Tellurico

      three leg stool

      £2,430.00 (Made to order)

  51. Teresa Fernández-Pello

    Teresa Fernández-Pello is a Spanish designer, currently based in the Netherlands. Her work aims to connect contemporary theory with material and formal experimentation, focusing on object design and with interest in recycling practices. Her recent pieces are inspired by the relations between technology and spirituality, and the creation of a neo-mystic aesthetic.
    1. Teresa Fernández-Pello

      post-icon crack

      £985.00 (Made to order)

    2. Teresa Fernández-Pello

      post-tech flame

      £845.00 (Made to order)

    3. Teresa Fernández-Pello

      compound fantasy

      £645.00 (Made to order)

    4. Teresa Fernández-Pello

      nouveau fresh

      £785.00 (Made to order)

  52. Thea Djurhuus

    Thea Djurhuus works primarily with sculptural ceramics. Her work revolves around intimacy as physical, but also relational - both romantic, friendly and familiar. Intimate spaces hold a paradox as they are private, yet they are being extremely politicized by society based on normative assumptions or ideals. Thereby intimacy can also be associated with great complexity, challenges, anxiety, doubt or disappointment. Djurhuus is looking to explore both vulnerability and strength within the realm of intimacy.

    1. Thea Djurhuus

      creature 9

      £400.00 (Made to order)

    2. Thea Djurhuus

      creature 8


    3. Thea Djurhuus

      creature 7


    4. Thea Djurhuus

      creature 6


    5. Thea Djurhuus

      creature 5


    6. Thea Djurhuus

      creature 3


    7. Thea Djurhuus

      creature 2


    8. Thea Djurhuus

      no title


  53. Tim Teven

    Tim Teven is a dutch designer who graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2018. Working from his Eindhoven-based studio, Teven treats the production process as a vehicle to create industrial hand-crafted pieces. Teven’s popular ‘Pressure Vases’ in Chrome and Zinc perfectly present his industrial, hands-on approach, through their purposefully deformed and brutalist design.
    1. Tim Teven

      pressure vase zinc #2


    2. Tim Teven

      pressure vase chrome #1


    3. Tim Teven

      pressure vase zinc #3


    4. Tim Teven

      pressure stool blue


    5. Tim Teven

      pressure stool


    6. Tim Teven

      pressure bench


  54. Verre d’Onge

    Verre d’Onge pieces are hand blown in Quebec by Jeremie St-Onge. His practice, whilst respecting the traditions learned from masters, allows for a more instinctive creative approach. Every piece has an unforeseen aspect that distinguishes ordinary from singular. The design is in the arrangement, the ensemble defines it.
    1. Verre d’Onge

      ensemble no.3


    2. Verre d’Onge

      piece no.1


    3. Verre d’Onge

      ensemble no.1


    4. Verre d’Onge

      ensemble no.2


  55. ying chang

    Ying Chang is a London based Artist who often explores ideas with a diverse range of materials,  she combines traditional materials with unconventional techniques and employs unusual approaches to mundane materials, including layering paper to form clay-like organic forms, and free-forming resin sculptures.
    1. ying chang

      impractical mirror

      From £570.00 (Made to order)

    2. ying chang

      yellow paper stone mirror 1


    3. ying chang

      impractical small vase

      From £330.00 (Made to order)

    4. ying chang

      impractical stool pink

      £1,330.00 (Made to order)

    5. ying chang

      impractical stool brown

      £1,260.00 (Made to order)